Spitfire Air Display at Coolings, Sat 9 September, 3pm

At 3pm the Biggin Hill Spitfire will be making a special flypast and mini display only for Coolings. This will be a FREE EVENT so just turn up and enjoy the sound of the powerful Rolls-Royce Merlin engine perform in the sky above you. Please make sure you allow yourself enough time to park once arriving at Coolings.

There will also be talks happening on the day:

  • Meet the Spitfire Pilot, Clive Denney at 11am, cost £10
  • “Spitfires at Biggin Hill” by Bob Ogley at 2pm, cost £10

For more information, visit www.coolings.co.uk

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Broadband – have you got a speed problem?

Steve Barnes, who lives in Downe and worked for BT for 37 years, writes:

“At the residents association AGMs at Cudham and Downe, concern was raised about the slow broadband speeds we are getting in the villages. This has been taken up with Jo Johnson MP, and Bromley Council.

“Meanwhile, I’d like to understand if there is a problem in other parts of rural Bromley.  I believe that Pratts Bottom has “superfast broadband” available to it (fibre optic technology), but I’m keen to see if this is available to all Pratts Bottom residents, or only certain areas.   If you are not certain that it is available to you, you can check with your service provider.  In the meantime I’m keen to hear from people who are experiencing slow speeds and do not believe that “superfast broadband” is available to them.

“To help me understand the situation,just  please go online to www.speedtest.net and check your speed (just press “begin test” then note the download and upload speed when finished).   Please e-mail these (plus your exchange code – ie 01689 or 01959, plus your postcode) to me at sj.barnes@btinternet.com (no personal information needed).

“Hopefully we can then work to get decent broadband speeds in this area – the only area in Greater London which is not yet promised them!”

“Police” Scam Targets the Elderly

Bromley Police are reissuing their warning regarding frauds targeting the elderly and vulnerable after a recent increase in these offences across Bromley, with one resident losing her £26,000 life savings.

Elderly residents have been receiving unsolicited telephone calls from fraudsters purporting to be from the police fraud squad or their bank. The fraudster will state that there is an ongoing investigation into fraudulent payments on their bank account/card. The person will be asked to ring the police/bank back using the phone number printed on the back of their bank card or by calling 999. This helps to convince the person that the call is genuine. However, the fraudster has kept the telephone line open so even though the person has dialled a number, the call does not go through. Instead they are unknowingly still connected with the fraudster.

The victim is asked to provide their full bank card details and key in their PIN so that their existing card can be “cancelled” and a new one “activated” or “authorised.” The fraudster will then explain that the bank will need to collect the card. The fraudster will then attend the person’s address or send an innocent courier company driver to collect the card. The fraudster, having obtained the person’s name, address, full bank details, the card itself and the PIN, then used the card to empty the victim’s bank account.

Fraudsters have also pretended to be from the police cold calling members of the public claiming to be from the Economic Crime Department and that the person’s bank account has been compromised by criminals. The fraudster suggests that the person should withdraw the money for collection by a police representative for safekeeping until the investigation was complete.

Detective Inspector Louise Knipe from Bromley Police said: “If you receive such a call end it immediately. The police will never ask you for any money, either to assist with an investigation, or for safekeeping. Your bank will never attend your home, your bank and the police will never collect your bank card, your bank and the police will never ask for your PIN.

If you do receive any call that you are suspicious about, please speak with a younger family member or relative before giving out any details or withdrawing any money and also contact the police.

Amanda Evans

Operations Manager