Biggin Hill Airport Consultation

Bromley Council’s consultation is now underway following Biggin Hill Airport Limited’s proposal to extend the operating hours at the airport. Please respond to this consultation by visiting our website ( where full details about the proposals can be viewed and the survey filled in online via the link below. The survey does have scope for comments but individuals and groups can e-mail additional comments to if needed.

As part of the consultation process, over the coming days, we are distributing a letter and survey to all households across the borough as a way of ensuring that all residents are alerted and have access to the information that is being presented.

Please note that consultation formally closes on Friday 13th March at 17.00 hours. The results of this consultation will then be presented to the Council’s Executive for their consideration alongside BHAL’s proposal and other commentary.

We welcome your views and will consider them all very carefully before making a decision but unfortunately we will not be able to respond to individual comments.

Jenny Gordon
Communications Officer
London Borough of Bromley
Tel: 0208 313 4314

Seismic Goings On at Pratts Bottom: fracking hell?

Tesla Exploration International Ltd

Photo Tesla Exploration International Ltd

Unlikely as it may seem, the major seismological survey being carried out around Pratts Bottom, Knockholt and Farnborough by Tesla Exploration Ltd is to explore for “oil” (more likely, shale gas) for Northdown Energy Ltd, a partner of the Texas-based Alamo Energy Corporation.

The Sevenoaks planning application is available here but it doesn’t state the purpose:

Note reference to an “oil discovery” at Knockholt:

Apparently we are considered to be in part of the “Weald Basin” and if you drill down far enough there are oil deposits:

When will the nodding donkeys arrive? I think we should be told.

nodding donkey