Broadband – have you got a speed problem?

Steve Barnes, who lives in Downe and worked for BT for 37 years, writes:

“At the residents association AGMs at Cudham and Downe, concern was raised about the slow broadband speeds we are getting in the villages. This has been taken up with Jo Johnson MP, and Bromley Council.

“Meanwhile, I’d like to understand if there is a problem in other parts of rural Bromley.  I believe that Pratts Bottom has “superfast broadband” available to it (fibre optic technology), but I’m keen to see if this is available to all Pratts Bottom residents, or only certain areas.   If you are not certain that it is available to you, you can check with your service provider.  In the meantime I’m keen to hear from people who are experiencing slow speeds and do not believe that “superfast broadband” is available to them.

“To help me understand the situation,just  please go online to and check your speed (just press “begin test” then note the download and upload speed when finished).   Please e-mail these (plus your exchange code – ie 01689 or 01959, plus your postcode) to me at (no personal information needed).

“Hopefully we can then work to get decent broadband speeds in this area – the only area in Greater London which is not yet promised them!”