Stone age tools found in Pratts Bottom

Stone Age tools found at Pratts BottomThese flint tools were found in the garden of Chelsfield Grange. The two smaller items, an arrowhead and a small blade, are obviously made by a skilled knapper. The larger items, a hand axe and a scraper, are less obviously man-made but, on closer inspection, they each fit snugly into the right hand, shaped to allow the index finger and thumb to grip them fimly while scraping hide from meat. The white skin, or cortex, of the flint has been left to provide a comfortable surface to fit into the palm. The cutting edges have chips knocked off all the way along on each side. From similar items found in southern England they would appear to be about 8000 years old in what would have been the Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) in this region, before the advent of farming from the Middle East. At that time Britain was still (just) attached to the Continent, allowing humans and animals to migrate freely.