Did you get an email from Michael Fox?

Russ Winn tells us that several people in the village have received an email purporting to come from the Metropolitan Police sent by Michael Fox. It is titled “Urgent Message from Michael Fox – Metropolitan Police”

After consulting with the Safer Neighbourhood Team it is understand that whilst there is a Michael Fox at the Met he has NOT sent anything like this out. They added that on NO account should it be opened but reported to the Team on 07920 233857 or 0208 7212605 ASAP

Don’t let YOUR email account get hacked. Set a hard to guess (but easy to remember) password on your email accounts. A simple suggestion is to use a mixture of upper and lower case, then substitute  numbers for some of the letters. Don’t use your date of birth, pet’s name etc. Free accounts such as Hotmail and Yahoo  are particularly vulnerable.

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