Bulls Head under new management

After an incredibly successful 10 and a half year run Vernon Leese finally left The Bulls Head in mid August this year. The village pub has now been taken over by two local business men, Matthew Coady and Andrew Harding. “Listening to our locals, and what they want The Bulls Head to be is what’s really important to us. So, we will be giving you the opportunity to voice your opinion via a suggestions box at the pub, and on a simple on line form which you can fill out at our web site. Remember, it’s your local pub..we’re only manning the pumps, and we look forward to seeing you very soon”
Matt, Andy and Steve.

Popular features of the pub’s legacy, such as Live Music with current favourite bands and singers, Jam Nights a showcase for our local undiscovered talent, and of course the sports elements such as Darts, Golf, Pool, etc.and traditional games like Bat and Trap will continue to be part of the everyday life of the Bulls Head. The famous and much missed WHAT’S ON GUIDE will be back very soon, so you can keep up with live events at the pub, our new menu, and our arrangements for this Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Bulls Head under new management

  1. We are a local social singles club who frequently use your pub as its so nice. Especially the new refurbishment in the dining room. Recently we came on a Wednesday – before, and after, a ramble. A young girl was left on her own in the bar to deal with all the customers, drinks, orders, cutlery, meals etc. I feel compelled to tell you how wrong we all felt this was. She told us the female manager had come in and heard the situation but told her she would have to manage. Of course we had a talk to girl, and praised how well she did. She was exhausted and stressed. We asked her to pass on our complaint at lack of staff, especially as pub knew 15-20 people were coming over lunchtime! The relief barman came in as we left about 2.30pm and we told him to pass our comments on also. Please reply.

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