Pratts Bottom book – just a few copies left!

sueSue Short’s excellent book on the village was reprinted and there are only 6 copies left. Sue does not intend another reprint so if you want one, let her know without delay!

Sue has provided a series of extra articles, including wartime reminiscences of Marion Clapson, on our History page…

UPDATE: All copies of Sue’s book are now sold.

One thought on “Pratts Bottom book – just a few copies left!

  1. I greatly enjoyed read ing your book. It put faces to names and names to faces.My aunt,Mollie Pain was a very keen WI member in Knockholt and Pratts Bottom, I met very few of the members. She and my uncle attended Conservative Assn. events,but I didn’t. John Russell at Willow Cottage had been a prefect when I was in the Lower Fifth. I met John Harris and Mr Trevisick at All Souls and at the station. and Ron and Fran Palmer at the station as well. My aunt kept in touch with Rita Peyman after she’d moved to Ryde in the Isle of Wight after the death of her husband, and in fact until about the Millenium; Mrs Peyman returned twice in a Fiat 850 Caravanette, and with a friend, to visit my aunt in Riverhead. One of the Hulfs helped my uncle in his garden, but only when reading your book did I discover there had been 4 children, and where the family had lived.

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