Residents’ AGM 26 September

The Pratts Bottom Residents AssociationĀ invites you to attend the Annual General Meeting on 26 September at the Village Hall. Kicking off at 7.30pm with tea and biscuits before the guest speaker, Mr Frank Levett from Orpington First, enlightens us on the regeneration of Orpington.

One thought on “Residents’ AGM 26 September

  1. Another waste of time. Nothing get’s done in this Village. The Chairpersonship is like pass the parcel!
    Meantime the road is like the M6! Tell someone to slow down and you get a V sign. Awful as it is to say, we need a death!

    No traffic signs, no police and Councillors who are never to be seen – not even when it is time to vote. Roll on UKIP perhaps?

    Its seems Knockholt residents have a strong community, but here there is complete apathy.

    Fair enough, until the time comes to sell your house!!!

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