Bus 402 to cease in July 2017

Arriva has decided to stop the 402 bus at Dunton Green with effect from 17 July so we will lose our hourly service to/from Bromley. The R5/R10 service to Orpington has been progressivly cut back, so according to our councillor Lydia Buttinger, “Pratts Bottom must be one of the most poorly serviced communities in London for bus services.” Unlike other parts of London we can’t take the tube, tram or DLR.

A suggestion has been made to extend the R1 and/or R11 from Green Street Green to the Pratts Bottom roundabout. This would add only 5 minutes to the route and would transform public transport for our residents. If you support this proposal or have any other comments on the PB bus services, please email CUSTOMERSERVICES@TFL.GOV.UK quoting reference 7413688.
See Update 10.3.2017

8 thoughts on “Bus 402 to cease in July 2017

  1. Hello –
    We were told about this two weeks ago by Sevenoaks Bus Information Service that it would stop on 15th July not 17th. Sadly this will curtail our trips to Sevenoaks/Tonbridge – but for the people who live in local areas served by the 402 route, especially working people, it will be life changing. This bus has been running for as long as we can remember – and we will be very sad to see it go. I caught the double decker 402 in the 1950s-60s
    We have also been told that the children who travel from Green Street Green will maybe, be getting their own bus to take them to school but this may carry a charge to parents.
    Talking to a number of bus drivers on this route we have been told to write to our MPs, and also write to the bus company – so we will give it a try.
    We did inform the News Shopper – but as far as I know they have not published anything. It might be worth you contacting any free newspapers you receive as I don’t think many people are aware about this withdrawal of 402 service.
    We are in Farnborough Village. Kindly keep us informed of any developments.

    • Our MP, Jo Johnson, has interceded on behalf of the residents of Pratts Bottom but TfL insist that to add a five minute extension to the R1 or R11 route (or even just one of the 4 buses an hour on either) would cost £250K to provide another bus. I think this is just an easy answer to fob us off. As for the 402 I don’t think Arriva is responsible to TfL or our local authority so not much hope asking them.

  2. Arriva Kent & Sussex Ltd has applied to Transport for London to cancel its Permit to operate route 402, which is being withdrawn between Bromley and Dunton Green From 23rd July 2017 . Journeys would continue to operate between Dunton Green and Tunbridge Wells via Sevenoaks at a reduced frequency. Please contact the operator for more details.

    TfL Consultation – https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/lsp/6c352a0b/

    • Hi ML
      As the other posts state, our understanding from Jo Johnson MP is that this proposed cancellation was withdrawn so that the 402 will continue to serve Bromley. Do you know different?

      • Got this reply from Arriva: from 23rd July we will be no longer operating the section of the 402 in London. This section of the service is no longer commercially viable for us to operate it. We will not be operating a replacement service on this section, although another operator may choose to do so. As yet, we’re not aware of any plans for a replacement route operated by another operator.

  3. This will be life changing for so many people in halstead knockholt and areas around as long as l can remember we have had a bus service elderley people like myself who dont drive will be totally cut off what about people who rely on it for getting to work and getting to hospitalArriva have several buses a hour going from sevenoaks to Tun Wells and they cant supply one a hour to Bromley we pay our rates like everybody else lets hope they re think this situation through when they realize how many people it will affect

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