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Following the Council’s decision to adopt the plans for Biggin Hill Museum and the Chapel, which many think are most unsuitable, Dave Evans, Rita Radford (Downe RA) and others have started a 38 Degrees Petition to protect the Chapel. Twenty signatories are needed to get started.  Please help by signing the petition and spreading to others via email/ social media using this link:

2 thoughts on “Sign the Biggin Hill RAF Chapel Petition

  1. The management of Big Gin Hill, for that is what it has become, in the centenary year of the airfield, is showing scant regard for its heritage. This is a further warning as to the consequences of the headlong rush for profit over amenity that seems to charactise the present management.
    The closure of the 29-11 runway, and the banning of piston aircraft operation after 7pm local time on weekends and public holidays acts as a significant impediment to the enjoyment of Aviation by pilots and the public, the training of pilots, and their safety. Biggin Hill Airport has had the support of the GA piston engine pilots for its expansion plans.
    Whilst the management are quite happy to benefit from the great increase in bizjet traffic, they are happy to drive out the training organisations that provide many of the commercial pilots who progress to flying them. The only driver seems to be profit. Looking at other airports of similar size and complexity in the south-east, it is clear that commercial operations, commercial and private pilot training can co-exist profitably.

    To make the planned detrimental changes to St George’s RAF Chapel would be an insult to The Few, and another indication of the attitude of the management to the heritage they are entrusted to protect and nurture.

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