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Following the Council’s decision to adopt the plans for Biggin Hill Museum and the Chapel, which many think are most unsuitable, Dave Evans, Rita Radford (Downe RA) and others have started a 38 Degrees Petition to protect the Chapel. Twenty signatures are needed to get started.  Please help by signing the petition and spreading to others via email/ social media using this link

PLEASE NOTE: To make your opinion count you must sign the petition. Comments made on this site are welcome but will not affect the petition .

18 thoughts on “Sign the Biggin Hill RAF Chapel Petition

  1. The management of Big Gin Hill, for that is what it has become, in the centenary year of the airfield, is showing scant regard for its heritage. This is a further warning as to the consequences of the headlong rush for profit over amenity that seems to charactise the present management.
    The closure of the 29-11 runway, and the banning of piston aircraft operation after 7pm local time on weekends and public holidays acts as a significant impediment to the enjoyment of Aviation by pilots and the public, the training of pilots, and their safety. Biggin Hill Airport has had the support of the GA piston engine pilots for its expansion plans.
    Whilst the management are quite happy to benefit from the great increase in bizjet traffic, they are happy to drive out the training organisations that provide many of the commercial pilots who progress to flying them. The only driver seems to be profit. Looking at other airports of similar size and complexity in the south-east, it is clear that commercial operations, commercial and private pilot training can co-exist profitably.

    To make the planned detrimental changes to St George’s RAF Chapel would be an insult to The Few, and another indication of the attitude of the management to the heritage they are entrusted to protect and nurture.

  2. John and Jean Goldby would like to add their names to the petition against Bromley Council’s decision to demolish the Vestry at the RAF Chapel.

    John and Jean Goldby would like to add their names to the petition against Bromley Council’s decision to demolish the RAF Chapel Vestry.

  3. i think its disgraceful messing around with our heritage. I think there is more than enough available land on the site for a completely separate building to which I would have no objection, but sighting it so close and actually encroaching on the original chapel is unnecessary and planned to enrage anyone with strong connections to both Biggin Hill and St George’s chapel in particular.

  4. Build the museum around the iconic Chapel with the aircraft still prominently displayed. To demolish any part of the curent site is industrial vandalism!

  5. Shame on these people.IF IT WASNT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR OUR FREEDOM. the idiots at Bromley council would not be free to make idiotic decisions like this.I CANNOT DESCRIBE MY UTTER CONTEMPT AT THESE MODERN MONEY GRABBING MORONIC PEOPLE.sincere thanks for arranging your petition

  6. I have just learnt from your website that the chapel is now mysteriously closed without explanation.Thank goodness that people like this were not around in 1940 in our darkest days.Todays generation could learn so much from them.

  7. Please rethink existing plans for St. Georges Chapel and leave Chapel untirely untouched for the memories of all the brave persons who gave their lives for us

  8. I cannot believe what the council are planning to do ! Why do the big wigs always try to destroy our heritage my dad has lived in Keston for 40 years and his grandchildren who are now in their 30s loved to stop and look at the site and my dad would explain the history. The chapel is beautiful and a reminder to everyone of what my dad and many men and women fought for. must they destroy these memories just to ‘rake in money ‘? Please please reconsider .

  9. Please add the following names if possible to your petition
    Sue Foster, John Foster ,Karen Foster, Philip Foster, Steve Hayward , Dennis Hayward.
    Many thanks for setting up this petition and good luck

  10. It will be absolute sacrilege of LBB to demolish the Vestry
    of this ancient Chapel. This beautiful Chapel needs to be
    kept as it is. It is a place of peace and prayer for many and
    a fitting commemoration to so many brave pilots. LBB
    should be thinking about recreating the whole area as a
    memorial museum which would be of such historic interest
    to generations to come.

  11. These brave people known as the few should never be forgotten there lives and sacrifice should be celebrated and respected.If we do not make a stand on this the next step might well be turning Chartwell into lego land.Such is the lack of respect that todays enterprenours on local councils show.Shame on them.

  12. Good luck to the few who are trying to leave things as they are and the reason this iconic building is set in its proud place of remembrance.

  13. Shame on you Bromley Council
    Leave the chapel as it is but we must have the museum as a specific tribute to all the world war 2 pilots who flew from Biggin Hill and it should be built to their requirements not Bromley Council’s who have never shown an iota of shame that these brave men to whom we owe so much are actually funding their own memorial.

  14. without those who gave their lives and those you fought for freedom we may have not had any choices today to make. We MUST NOT forget those brave sons and daughters. Is it to much to ask that this memorial stands, or are those making the decision to young to understand and thank those for the freedom that they enjoy today.

  15. How about a public demonstration about these idiotic plans.I am not very good at email so please do not try via this means of communication. However I am the ex Southern region chairman of the Spitfire society my name is Steve Coe and my phone no is 0203 489 3886.I grew up in Biggin Hill and my father served in the RAF during the war.Let us once again bring forth the spirit of 1940 which saw this nation through its darkest times. Bromley council are inflicting more damage to this historic site than even the Luftwaffe ever did.Please feel free to phone me to organize a public demonstration to demonsrate our feelings about this destruction of our heritage.The impossible takes a little bit longer.

  16. It is sad that some posters appear to be unable to sign the Petition to register their disapproval?Sadly not all,in particular the elderly who served and lived through World War 11(a small minority now)are unable to sign the Online Petition.
    I do hope that someone will be able to assist them.Currently the Petition is closing in on 25,000 signatures.These”outstanding”signatures would really help to reach that important member to send a more powerful message to the three Secretaries of State and,In particular,Bromley Council!

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