New 431 Bus from Sevenoaks to Orpington

Your webmaster attended a public meeting at Knockholt this evening, chaired by Cllr Nick Chard of Kent County Council. Phil Lightowler, KCC’s Head of Public Transport, explained that Arriva as a private company had decided to withdraw the 402 service between Dunton Green and Bromley from 24 July. Austin Blackburn, MD of Go-Coach, announced his new 431 service from Sevenoaks to Orpington. It is accepted by all that this is a poor replacement for the hourly 402 service.

Buses for Orpington will depart from Pratts Bottom at 1002, 1202, 1402 and 1602. The return buses will leave Orpington at 1030, 1230 and 1430. The 431 bus will operate only on weekdays. Holders of free bus passes can travel before 9.30 by paying £1. Passengers for Bromley will need to change at Green Street Green or Orpington High Street.Additional buses run on school days. See below for full timetable.

Letter from Jo Johnson 14.6.2017

Letter from Arriva 10.5.2017

431 Bus Timetable

5 thoughts on “New 431 Bus from Sevenoaks to Orpington

  1. The only people going to benefit from this are the local cab firms. My parents only moved here, with me to look after them, as there was easy access to Bromley, Orpington and trains, for me as I don’t drive and have mobility problems.
    Dad has since died and I rely on the 402 for shopping (in Green Street Green) and getting mum to the doctors. Will have to switch to shopping in Orpington and online now.

  2. This ‘replacement’ service does not take in to account passengers for including school children from Pratt’s Bottomneeding to get to Bishop Justus CE School at Bromley Common for 8:30am and getting back to Pratt’s Bottom via Green st Green at 4pm?
    Why does this so-called ‘replacement’ service not actually replace anything ?! I do not know how my 14 year old daughter is expected to get to and from school at Bromley Common on time with this sub-standard service? Is she expected to walk 2 miles down long, unlit roads on her own in the depths of winter?! This is appalling!

    • Arriva is based in Kent and was supported to some extent by KCC. Much of the route from Knockholt to Bromley North duplicates buses provided by TfL, particlarly the 358.
      We should press TfL, through our elected representatives, to improve bus services to Green Street Green. I have proposed that some of the R1 and R11 buses (maybe one an hour) should take an extra 5 minutes going from GSG to PB and back instead of waiting at the GSG roundabout, sometimes up to 20 minutes. I have timed them!

      • I quite agree with your suggestions and comments. The bus service between PB and GSG is very poor indeed. An hourly service would be the possible solution in order to replace the 402 . The R1 and R11 buses should make the extra 5 minute journey instead of waiting at the GSG roundabout as you say. Our Orpington MP has tried unsuccessfully with TFL to have a more frequent service. Is there any hope for the future ??

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