Broke Hill Golf Club – update from the Residents’ Association

Broke Hill closed at the end of last year and has been sold to Quinn Estates, a development company based in Canterbury.  The site is entirely in Sevenoaks District and is designated as Green Belt.  Sevenoaks Council are in the process of reviewing their Local Plan and Quinn Estates have put the site forward as a potential site for development, to include around 800 homes, commercial floorspace, public open space, a secondary school and community facilities.  Sevenoaks Council are currently considering whether the site should be removed from the Green Belt to accommodate this.  Whilst Quinn Estates could make a planning application at any time, we are not expecting them to do so at the moment.

The next stage will be for the Council to consult on their draft Local Plan, which may or may not include Broke Hill as a potential development site.  The consultation is expected to be in Summer 2018 and at that stage, the Residents’ Association will be in a better position to form a view on the proposals.  In the meantime, the Association has been in contact with the Council and with Quinn Estates and will be monitoring progress with the proposals.

The Association’s AGM will be on 16th May in the Village Hall and an update on Broke Hill will be provided.  It will also be an opportunity for residents to express their views on the future of Broke Hill.  Quinn Estates have produced a brochure outlining their ideas and that is available on the Pratts Bottom Community Website at

Read the Stonehouse Park Development Proposal…

3 thoughts on “Broke Hill Golf Club – update from the Residents’ Association

  1. We live in green street green and are just as concerned about this large
    Development. Although the houses will be built within the borough of Sevenoaks, the nearest shops would be green street green followed by Orpington, locksbottom and Bromley, all closer than Sevenoaks town centre.
    An extra 1000 to 2000 cars on our local roads would be dreadful.

    Our little Waitrose car park couldn’t cope. Anyone living within a mile of any station would have cars parked day in and day out.

    There are genuine concerns in green street green and I am sure you would find support here if necessary.

    We must also remember that fort halstead is also likely to have substantial housing in the future, We used to live in Otford when It first came to our notice which we opposed and it seemed to die away, but I feel it will happen.

    Keep us informed of any developments

    Best wishes Valerie and terry

  2. Having read the newsletter from the rugby chairman, to promote their club, makes my blood boil, it’s all about them, so selfish, regardless of how it would affect people living near Brokehill. The traffic on the A21 going towards Bromley every morning is heavy and becomes a bottle neck. I also think people would head towards green st green for shopping,not Sevenoaks, what about the extra pressure on local hospital/ schools. If they are so keen to support Quinn estates why not build the development in Knole Park, plenty of space there for 850 houses. Not a bride however rugby club won’t receive payment if developers are refused!!!

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