Sunday 30th September was a true milestone day for the model railway society. After some years of creative, craft and technical endeavor the society’s largest and latest layout was assembled for its first comprehensive test in the village hall. So what is so special about the layout? For a start it is large, very large (30’ x 12’),  over two thirds the length of the hall and  about half its width. The model trains that will run on it are ‘OO’  gauge, 4mm to the foot scale , that is the same size as the models in a Hornby train set  however,  the important difference is that the models will all be to a very accurate fine scale standard and run on many yards of precision scale hand-built trackwork including the electrical conductor rail seen on our local mainline. In places the layout has 14 tracks and also accomodates complex pointwork to enable trains to be switched from one track to another. And just to complete an already complicated project the whole layout digitally controlled with train on track detection and fully working colour light signals, just like the real thing. Everything came together and worked well during the test. There is still alot of development work to be done to complete the scenic aspects. Some of the buildings will be CAD drawn by club members and produced on their home laser cutters and 3D printers. We will also be computerising two of the four lines so hands free running of trains can take place as operator cover during lunch breaks at exhibitions. So when will you be able to see it running?  Unfortunately, not until some time in 2020, but you can follow progress on the club’s Facebook page and website, but in the meantime you can look forward to visiting our next exhibition in the village hall during the second weekend in January 2019. We look forward to meeting you.

MARTIN COOMBS – Project Coordinator

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